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Electric Vehicle Charger “EV Charger”

What is an “EV Charger”?
The electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that powers your electric vehicle is what most people call an EV Charger. It connects the power supply of your home with the onboard charger inside your electric vehicle to give it the power it needs to function properly. When installed in your home, it is usually affixed to the wall near your home’s electrical panel, usually in the garage.

Types of “EV Chargers” and Plugs
As far as EV Chargers go, there are two different types, a Level 1 EVSE and a Level 2 EVSE. A Level 1 charger is simple, fits any three-pronged 120-volt wall outlet, and adds between 2-5 miles of range to a vehicle per hour it spends charging. No special equipment is needed for this type, and it can charge most all-electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

The Level 2 charger is more complex than a Level 1 but can charge faster and add between 10- 60 miles of range per charging hour. It does require the installation of some special equipment, but it is good for all-electric vehicle types and is much more time-efficient.

How to choose the right “EV Charger” for your home?
When choosing the right charger for your electric vehicle, there are a few points to consider. You want to make an informed decision because the wrong charger could be problematic for what you want out of your vehicle. How fast do I want it to charge? The Level 2 is much faster than a Level 1 but costs extra for the special installation. Is it worth the extra money just to charge faster? Most people would say yes, you’ll be able to use that new equipment for the future vehicles you buy as well. Am I really saving that much time by charging faster? This really depends on how often and how far you will be driving your electric vehicle. Do I have enough room in my electrical panel for a Level 2 charger to be installed? Even if you don’t have enough room in your existing electrical panel , CTX can help install a separate “sub-panel” nearby to facilitate your charging station. Think about these points when making the decision on which type of EVSE is right for you and your needs.

How can CTX help you install your “EV Charger”?
CTX can take care of all your needs in just one visit. We can install your new electrical 240-volt receptacle, your new 2-pole 240-volt breaker (depending on your electrical panel), assist in mounting the electric car charger, and all the necessary wiring that it entails. If you want your charging station more than three feet away from the existing breaker, CTX can set that up for you as well, all for a reasonable cost. As always, all parts and labor come with a 1-year warranty as well. The good-natured and courteous professional technicians of CTX are at your service!

So, if you’ve been thinking of treating yourself to a fully electric car, go for it! CTX Plumbing and Electrical will help you with all the rest.

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