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Plumbing Installation Services DFW


As the “local master plumbers” of Dallas/Fort Worth, CTX Plumbing is confident that plumbing installations completed by our staff will exceed expectations. Every CTX plumber is licensed, certified and participates in ongoing training. CTX Plumbing offers full one-year parts and labor warranty on all products we purchase and install. CTX Plumbing will stand by as your “Local Master Plumber”, for all your home repairs requiring plumbing installation, plumbing service, hot water heater installation, or repair. A job well done last far longer than the job itself. We are prepared to complete a wide variety of commercial and residential plumbing installations.  Here are just a few of our services.

Faucet installation

Hoping to spend some extra time and money on your next faucet? Of course not – but an improper installation will cost you both. Trust our team of expert plumbers to complete the installation for you.

Toilet installation

If your DIY toilet installation goes wrong, CTX Plumbing is here to help. While a toilet install might appear a simple task, problems can easily arise as each house present a unique plumbing configuration.

Water and Gas Pipes

CTX Plumbing can install both water pipes and gas pipes, as well as complete any necessary repair or maintenance.

Install Water Filter and Water Purifier

Reap a wealth of benefits by installing an advanced water filtration system in your home. Water filtration removes hazardous pollutants from your drinking water and mitigates the chance of wastewater backflow. Our experienced plumbers can complete your water filtration installation quickly and securely.

Water Softener installation

Installing a water softener can be a more complicated process than other plumbing installs in the home. Water softeners are a great investment: softeners preserve the life of your home’s entire plumbing system. Choosing to have your water softener installed by an experienced plumber is an even greater investment- ensure the entire system is working correctly from day one.

Garbage Disposal installation

Allow CTX Plumbers to assist you in your next garbage disposal installation, repair or replacement.

Sewer Line

Correctly installing your sewer lines from the start is the only way to ensure that problems are mitigated in the future. Even for experienced plumbers, installing sewer lines is a large and complicated task. CTX Plumbing is a team of local master plumbers that has experience with sewer lines across DFW.

Install Hot Water Heaters (traditional and tankless)

We’re not surprised that the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that a qualified plumber install your water heater. Proper maintenance and installation of your hot water heater involves a complicated number of factors, including safety concerns, the fuel type, local building codes, current climate and more. CTX Plumbing installs both traditional and tankless hot water heaters for residences.

Plumbing installations completed without CTX are complicated and overwhelming – so don’t start a project without us. We are here to relieve stress from home and business owners. Our team of licensed professionals utilizes the latest plumbing technology and innovative solutions to get the job done right, so you can focus on the real priorities in your life.

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  • CTX provides a full 1-year parts and labor warranty on all products we purchase and install.
  • We are Texas “Family Owned and Operated.”
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