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CTX is Atmos Preferred Natural Gas Repair Company

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"Natural" Gas and Liquid Propane Repair

Who Installs and Manages the Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Systems in Your Home?
To install or repair piping used to carry natural gas or propane inside a residential or commercial building a contractor must be licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. CTX Plumbing & Electrical is licensed, insured, and highly experienced at repairing all different types of gas piping that might be found in your home or place of business.

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Leak:
Natural gas has a strong sulfur smell, most people compare it to “ROTTEN EGGS”. If you are experiencing this type of smell in your home, evacuate immediately. Once all members of your home are a safe distance away from the residence or commercial building, use your cell phone and call 911 or your local gas company. A member of the fire department or gas company can shut off your gas from your gas meter. Once your home has been cleared by the fire department you will need to call CTX Plumbing & Electrical to come locate the cause of the gas leak. Our technicians are trained to find the cause of your gas leak quickly and affordably.

How to Prevent Gas Leaks:
Your first defense against gas leaks is the easy part…..routine maintenance. We recommend making a list of all the appliances around your home (or business) that use natural gas or propane and check them periodically. Check to make sure each appliance comes on and off as expected, pilot lights stay lit and meet their appliance recommended burn rate, and make sure that BBQ grill outside has a shut off valve for those off-season months. Last but definitely not least, make sure all your smoke detectors are checked regularly for proper battery power AND be sure they are rated to detect carbon monoxide.

Buried Gas Pipe On Your Property:
In North Texas it is not rare to have metal pipes coming to your home or around your home that carry natural gas. These pipes can corrode and wear out creating small leaks that can become dangerous over time. It is recommended to periodically get your gas system tested by a licensed plumber to ensure that any buried gas lines are intact and functioning properly.

Buying A New Home – Is My Gas System Safe?
“I just purchased a new home, is my gas system safe?” This is the number one question we get at CTX Plumbing & Electrical about new home purchases. If you are purchasing a new home and you notice something that does not seem up to par, or if you would just like a professional plumber to give your gas system a proper review, then call CTX Plumbing & Electrical and one of our licensed plumbers will review your entire gas system top to bottom to ensure your new home is safe from any gas related issues.

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