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Commercial Plumbing – Hydro Jetter

CTX Plumbing Company serves as the Master Plumber to call for Commercial plumbing repair, hydro jetting services, and pipe cleaning & installation in the North DFW area.

In restaurants and other businesses, blockages and back-ups in bathrooms and kitchen lines can be detrimental to maintaining good, quality service. But with regular hydro jetting, plumbing lines are kept clean leaving your business running smoothly without interruptions. Our plumbers use hydro–jetters to ensure that you have the quality of drain cleaning you need. Hydro–jetting sends blasts of high–pressure water along the interior of drain and sewer lines, scouring away even the heaviest build–up.a.

Importance of Flushing Sewers Regularly
Sewer systems often need regular cleaning. If large trees are near the structure or the building sewer, often times roots can penetrate the drain lines. Hydro Jetting the system with high pressured water can remove the roots from the system for a temporary repair until further diagnosing can be made. Once the roots have penetrated the sanitary system the pipe has been compromised and will need to be cut out and repaired.

Grease lines in restaurants can often times become congested with grease and debris from kitchens to the point where a sewer cable cannot resolve the issue. We can Hydro Jet the system with hot water and get the drain lines looking like new.

CTX Plumbing Company is your local plumbing company for maintaining, servicing, and repairing commercial plumbing, drain, and sewer systems for commercial plumbing systems. We service all types of commercial buildings. CTX provides a full 1-year parts and labor warranty on all products we purchase and install.

We also provide emergency hydro jetter plumbing services to Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex. Call us today for all your hydro jetting needs!

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  • CTX provides a full 1-year parts and labor warranty on all products we purchase and install.
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